Alagar Kovil

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Kallazhagar Temple is in Alagar Kovil. It is a village in our south indians of TamilNadu.


It is one of the important tourist place ofour Madurai city.

Hindu’s belive that the vishnu god still alive in this temple.

The temple is glorified in the Nalayira Divya Prabandham.  Nalayira Divya Prabandham is the ancient collection of 4,000 tamil verses about The vishnu god composed by the 12 Alvars.

In 108 Divyadeasam, alagar kovil is one of them.

Alagar Kovil Architecture:

Alagar Kovil style is  Dravidian architecture style. And look like a famous and ancient temple for all hindu religions

Kallazhagar temple covers an area of about 2 acres (0.81 hectares) and has a five-tiered gopuram(gateway tower). The temple in enclosed in a rectangular enclosure with huge granite walls and  pillared of manimandapam ..


The central shrine houses the image of the presiding deity, Uragamellayan Perumal in reclining posture on a snake bed similar to that of Sri rangam Ranganadhaswamy temple. The images of Sridevi and bhudevi are also housed in the sanctum. There two life size images of Narasimha, the avathar of Vishnu.

Where two  styles of temples are including in alagar kovil.

  • Karuppa swamy .
  • Palamuthir solai.

The gopuram of the Karuppa swamy shrine depicts the passionate side of human relationship in the form of beautiful statues. Apart from these, it also depicts the evolution of cultural aspects of the local society including a depiction of an Englishman in British police uniforms. There is another half built gopuram on the southern side of the temple which has been used as an artistic backdrop in a few Tamil movie songs..

The style of the buildings denote, 3rd or early 4th Century construction.



Karuppa swamy Temple:

karuppa swamy  is one of god  in Hindu religion. He is called Kaval Deivam. And His Temple closed in Alagar Kovil.

Karuppu Sami temple is mostly found in the outskirts of the Village. Usually, the whole village contributes to the maintenance of thetemple.

These temples do not have traditional gopuram and have large statues of Gods with large eyes, holding weapons like bow and arrow, swords, aruval and others protective weapons. There will also be statues of 7 Kannimaar goddesses (7 virgins) and animals, often a hunting dog, a lion and horse.



Many Poojas are conducted in this temple.

Pazhamudircholai Temple:

Pazhamudircholai Murugan Temple is a hindu temple, located about 25 kilometres north of madurai,india atop a hill covered with dense forests.

It also covered with in alagar kovil.

It is said that the Azhagar Kovil was the actual temple for the main deity of the temple.

One of the six important abodes (ArupadiVeedu) of Lord Muruga,

This temple is famous compare than six important abodes of Lord Muruga.


Celebrating Festival:

Many more festival should be conducted in alagar kovil.

But most grant celebrating the festivals is Chitra festival.

It is celebrating is very colour ful and grantly  conduted in madurai city of south india.


Alagar Kovil Timing:

All days of the week

6:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Map for alagar Kovil:

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