Ketti valley

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Ketti is a little urban nestled in a large valley of the same name Ketti valley.


It is located in the Nilgiris district of Tamil Nadu State and the key factor of South India and is a Revenue Village of Coonoor Taluk. Upper Ketti is another village called Yellanahalli, which is located on the main place that is Coonoor to Ooty road.

This view point is located 7 km’s from Ooty on the Ooty to Coonoor Road.  Rising and falling hills from the background for fourteen picture post Cards of villages.


The valley is one of the largest valleys in the world and extends from the plains of Coimbatore to the Mysore plateau.

From the name itself, it reflects the beauty of the site provides a panoramic view of the Ketti valley that extends from the covering a large distance of plains.

It is one of the most visited tourist sites of Ooty. The view of Ketti, the largest valley in the world from here is imposing and often compared to views of Switzerland.


Due to its temperate weather conditions it enjoys across the seasons, Ketti Valley is an exceedingly picturesque location offering plenty of opportunities for getting out and enjoying the authentic back-to-nature feeling.

It has a pleasant climate all around the year. In summers, the temperature is around 25° Celsius and in winters it drops down to 5° Celsius.


Additionally, the valley is home to the famous Needle Industries India, makers of the internationally-known ‘Pony Needles’.

Pupils who are all passionate about nature is the best to visit and you will become the lover of nature.

And also suitable place for adventurists, experience seekers and even casual travellers will love the view from the Ketti valley viewpoint.

Some of the major tourist attractions located near the Ketti Valley View is


  • Ooty Lake,
  • Stone House, and
  • Mariamman temple,
  • Ooty Golf Course,
  • St. Stephen’s Church,
  • Botanical Gardens,
  • Rose Gardens,
  • Pykara Lake,
  • Sims Park Coonoor and the
  • Nilgiri Mountain Railways.


The above-stated places are well known to the most of the persons and they might visit the Ketti valley once you got chance to visit Ooty don’t hesitate to reach the Ketti valley then you will miss the chance to see the amazing view of availability.


Ooty is easily accessible by road and rail. From there, local transportation modes like taxis and autos are available to the Ketti Valley View site. Summer is the best time to enjoy a pleasing view of the valley.

Most of the populations are manual laborers. Agriculture, rearing livestock, masonry constitute the majority of the work done by the individuals in this place.

In addition to this, they also take up jobs in the surrounding industrial establishments, such as the Needle Industries, the mushroom factory, Ambica tea factory, Mini flower garden near Palada bus stop and the various educational institutions.

The chief language spoken here is Badaga and Tamil, although many people understand English, Malayalam and Kannada.


Religion practised here is mostly Hinduism. However, strong influences remain of the Christian missionaries who lived here during the year 1900.

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