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Best waterfalls located in tamilnadu

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Tamilnadu is the mother for scenery which contains nearly more than 25 waterfalls.


some of the best waterfalls are mentioned in this blog where the pupil of Tamilnadu and even other states pupil frequently used to visit and spend their vacatio...

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Kho Kho Game

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kho-kho (2)

Kho Kho Game is a traditional sport from the Indian subcontinent.


It is played by teams of twelve players, of which nine enter the field, who try to avoid being touched by members of the opposing team.

There are two traditional games in Sout...

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Unfamiliar Waterfalls in Tamilnadu to Visit

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Waterfalls are the most valuable gifts given by nature during summer seasons.


 A few Indian states present some of the greatest and tallest waterfalls to the world.

Tamilnadu, with its astonishing scenery, is also home to some of the most bea...

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Valparai is a hill station located in the Coimbatore District of Tamil Nadu.

It is 104 km from Coimbatore and 64 km from Pollachi, 110kms from Ernakulam (Cochin) via Atirapally, Vazhachal, Malakkarapa.

Tea Plantations

It stands majestically with Green S...

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Right career after completing secondary education

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Education is very much compulsory to build a right career.


Students are used to roving here and there for right career and best guidance.

This blog will provide some information related to choose your right career to attain success in your lif...

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