Tips to wear for your farewell party

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Farewell party is the celebration of final happiness of every moments or occasion.


It is that time of year when some of us are going to be bidding farewell to school or colleges and moving on to the next stage of our lives. As grave as it may sound, the fun part comes in the form of that prom party you will be attending at the end of the year. It is a big treat whether you are a guy or a girl, everyone wishes to be the best dressed student at this farewell party.

So the ending party of every occasion should end with happiness mean it will stay in mind for ever.

This blog will give you some tips for farewell part wear selection and the way of presence in the party.

Mostly girls used to wear saree for every farewell party and it is the best outfit as, I suggest you to pick the same.

So first I give you tips for saree wearing tips

Black magic:


The parties mean the theme will be black in most of the party and the same is going to play a part in best party wear.

You have to choose the best designer saree with black color and your accessories should match with them perfectly and make sure during your selection and it should includes your neck piece ear piece and bangles as well your handbag and your sandals or slippers and I suggest you to wear slippers while wearing saree and your handbag should be very short and classy with black magic color.

It covers all that you do not wish to highlight and brings out the best in you just leaving you stress free and secure to enjoy your day. Don’t go overboard with accessories. Play up with tone of silver or gold to add a touch of glitter and glam.

Soft look:


And if you did not like to wear black for your farewell party you may select the saree with soft color that light patches color. For those of girls who like to play it safe and like all things girly, a soft-pastel color scheme would be a good best.

Go for a net based saree in shades to lend a soft and feminine touch to your look. A delicate looking outfit calls for some pearl encrusted jewelry and floral embroidered clutch bag, finishing off the look with a pair of stunning glow, and strappy sandals make you the best in that party.

Unusual glow:

Possibly the best time to experiment with your outfits is when you are young. You can make the saree for your farewell stand out by trying something unusual. For starters, you can try the dhoti style saree that looks stylish. It is guaranteed to make you a showstopper. If you are not too comfortable with that style, experiment with the various tones.


 Replace the traditional blues, pinks, and blacks, with something different. You can try opting for a saree in pastel shades, or even go for something with sequins and embroidery work. The only thing to keep in mind is that whatever you wear should be comfortable to carry, and enhance your confidence as you walk.

Right blouse:


 Then you have choose blouse to be best in that perfect match One of the most important things to focus on when you want to wear a saree for your farewell is choosing the right blouse. If you are with a lean body structure, exhibit it with trendy spaghetti or halter neck blouse. For someone with a fuller body shape, a full sleeved churidar blouse will look elegant. The idea is to pick a shirt that complements your body shape and enhance your overall look.

Classy wear:


And if you did not want to wear saree for your farewell party you can choose the classic style that If you are looking to put on a super trendy outfit because you are just that fashion forward, do it. It is pretty simple to imitate classic style.

And it should includes some cases like, Make sure your midi is just the right length so it does not look ill at ease. Pair it with pointy toe shoes for that classic look.


And finally, choose the right makeup for your outfit that includes, a concealer, blush, kajal, and a beautiful shade of lip color is all you need. These makeup’s are essentials which will give you a natural yet elegant look to go with the Complement that with a sophisticated hairstyle such as a bun or a French plait and trust  the results will be nothing but tremendous.

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