Uchi Pillayar Kovil – Rockfort

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Ucchi Pillayar kovil may be a 7th-century Hindu temple, one dedicated to Lord Ganesha placed at prime of Rockfort,Trichy,Tamil Nadu,India.


Mythologically this rock is that the place wherever Lord Ganesha ran from King Vibishana, once establishing the Ranganathaswamy divinity in Srirangam.

About the Temple

Uchi Pillayar Kovil – Rockfort  is found on the height of the Rock Fort hill. The shrine is at a height of 273 foot and you’ve got to climb over four hundred steps to succeed in the top. One needs to cross Sri Thayumanavar temple, that is found thanks to the height. Though the climb may be a bit troublesome, the soothing cool breeze gears up our energy to climb while not a lot of strain. A position of the complete Thiruchi and Srirangam Temple from the Uchi Vinayakar temple is simply wonderful.


The Rock Fort temple complicated in Tiruchirappalli may be a assortment of 3 temples – the Manikka Vinayaka temple at the foot of hill, the Uchhi Pillayar Koyil at the highest of hill and therefore the Thayumaanava Koyil (Shivastalam) on hill.

This Shivastalam may be a rock cut temple on a hill within the most outstanding landmark in Tiruchirappalli (Trichy); reached by a flight of steps on the thanks to the known Ucchi Pillayar temple.



Vibhishana, was the younger brother of the Hindu deity King Ravana UN agency dominated Lanka.Lord avatar rescues his better half Sita, UN agency was kidnaped and control by Ravana, with the assistance of Sugriva and Hanuman defeated him. during this war, the ethical and truth-abiding brother of Ravana, Vibishana aids avatar in his battle against his brother. Ultimately avatar wins the war and as a token of affection, He gifts Vibishana associate Idol of Lord Ranganatha, a type of Hindu deity.


Vibhishana, though he supported avatar, was primarily associate Hindu deity, therefore the Devas needed to prevent this idea of associate Hindu deity taking Lord’s supreme kind to his Kingdom. They request the assistance of the God of Happiness, Lord Vinayaka and therefore the Lord accepts the arrange. Vibhishana, whereas on his back to his Kingdom, goes through Trichi, and needed to require his bathtub within the stream Kaveri and do his daily rituals. However, he’s confounded because the idol once unbroken in land, will ne’er be removed and needs to be therein place forever.


While passing by the town of Thiruchi, Vibhishana was extraordinarily fascinated by the wonder of the flow of stream Cauvery. He felt that it absolutely was the proper place for him to own his bathtub and a few rest before continuing to Lanka. He looked around for a few facilitate to stay the Ranga Vimana until he finishes his bathtub. There was alittle boy tomfoolery within the banks of Cauvery. Vibhishana bimanual over the Ranga Vimana to him and told him strictly to not place it on the bottom until he comes back. The boy in agreement and told him that he can decision Vibhishana thrice and if he doesn’t come, he can keep it and escape.


Vibhishana went into the waters and was enjoying the bathtub within the stream. This boy referred to as him thrice and Vibhishana didn’t respond as he was in waters. The boy unbroken the idol on the bottom and it started growing huge tremendously.

Vibhishana came back hurrily. Seeing the Vimana on the bottom, he tried to elevate it. His makes an attempt failing. He got furious with the boy and went chasing him. The boy ran upto hill prime and weekday on the height as he can’t run more. Vibhishana knocked the boy on his head with anger. The boy disclosed himself as Lord Vinayaka to Vibhishana. Vibhishana prayed the lord and went back to Lanka yield the Ranga on the banks of Cauvery.


It was Vinayaka’s trick to retain Lord Ranga in Trichy, that is today’s Srirangam Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple.

And the Lord Vinayaka UN agency vie tricks with Vibhishana, is idolized as Uchi Pillaiyar at hill prime. Even these days one will see a wound on his head caused by the knock of Vibhishana.


The Rock Fort temple stands 83m tall perked atop the rock. the sleek rock was initial cut by the Pallavas however it absolutely was the Nayaks of Madurai UN agency completed each the temples below the Vijayanagara empire.


The temple is located at the highest of the rock. The temple is mystic in its nature with associate impressive rock design. The Ganesha temple is far smaller with associate access through steep steps etched on the rock and provides a surprising read of Trichy, Srirangam and therefore the rivers Kaveri and Kollidam. as a result of its ancient and spectacular design created by the Pallavas, the temple is maintained by the anthropology department of Asian country.


Greatness of the Temple

The terribly thought of Tiruchi brings before our eyes, the Uchi Pillayar temple, stream Cauvery, Sri Rangam and everything pleasing the soul. All tourists together with foreigners ar enjoying this emotional pleasantness.

All Saivite saints, Gnanasambandar, Appar, Manickavasagar, Thayumana Swamigal had sung the glory of this sacred land. the development of hill may be a marvel of design. There ar 2 etched caves on hill, the higher one a treasure of epigraphic details, the lower with 104 divine verses in Andhadhi vogue. Andhadhi poetry is the one.


In which the succeeding verses begin with the last word of the previous literary work.


Six worship services ar offered daily here. fifteen days Chithirai (April-May) automobile competition; twelve days Teppa Thiruvizha in Panguni (March-April); Summer festival on the hills throughout Vaikasi (May-June); Navarathri in Purattasi September-October); Skanda Sashti in Aipasi (October-November) thirteen day Vinayaka Chaturthi ar the festivals terribly grandly celebrated within the temple.


Also Tamil and English twelvemonth days, Deepavali, Pongal days ar devotionally determined with special Pujas.This well invested with temple celebrates the annual Brahmotsavam in Chithirai. Aadi Pooram and therefore the float competition in Panguni are of significance here.

Temple Timings:

The temple is opened from 06.00 a.m. to 08.00 P.m.

Uchi Pillayar Kovil Map:

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