Athisayam Theme Park

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Athisayam is an amusement funfair set in Paravai on Madurai – Dindigul National main road seven to twelve kilometer from Madurai.


Excitement toward land and journey in water. Athisayam, the last word in family fun, may be a many acre Water commons. The park is found on a seventy acres (280,000 m2) web site and options regarding forty games and twenty water rides. The park is standard for its water rides, recreating the expertise of Courtalam waterfalls.

Athisayam theme park has became big over the last 5 years to become the biggest within the space (Athisayam was born on 2000). The Water park has sports rides for everybody from the fun seeker in you to the additional relaxed family attractions.


Athisayam is simply 20 minutes drive from Madurai (to keep peoples in peace and aloof from town pollution and noise).

Theme Park Specialities

The fun begins at 10:00 am once the gates open and you enter the “Queen of Indian Theme Parks”. you’ll get pleasure from the big variety of water games and rides. Visit our exciting Madurai Courtallam to expertise the fun. Bring your camera totally loaded as there’s enough food for your cameras in our park.


Prices, safety, cleanliness of Athisayam and therefore the friendly, useful perspective of Athisayam’s staff all get attributable for the park’s continued success at drawing crowds. conjointly per annum close to one thing new gets adscititious – like the recent additions of the Octopus, Space Walk, FreeFall etc. over fifty rides area unit here within the park.

Water Rides in the Park

There are some of the fantastic water rides:


  • Entrance Shower
  • Sindhu bathtub
  • Water Play System
  • Big Splash
  • Wave Pool
  • Crazy stream Slide
  • Dry Raft
  • Sprial Ride Closed
  • Sprial Road Open
  • Float Ride Slider

Multi Play Water Play System

This MPWPS center is fun for the complete family from youngsters to adults. Ride the slides, climb the water ladders, walk on the water floats, And surprise your family and friends with an sudden soaking from the pull ropes and Athisayam selling buckets. An attraction that has to be experienced and enjoyed.


Madurai Courtallam

It’s a synthetic Courtallam, which can provide you with the important expertise of taking bathtub in Courtallam falls. Its not seasonal just like the real courtallam. The force of waterfalls offers you a body massage and you’ll feel terribly brisk and energetic once you are taking bathtub in it. the design and feel of Madurai Courtallam is as if you were in real falls. get pleasure from the chillness of the water. simply get pleasure from and feel it. No words to specific it.


Lazy River

If you are feeling tired owing to your over enjoyment with our games then relax by taking a tube and float in our Lazy stream. Lay back, stretch out and sit in your large tube and glide on beneath a showering monkey pod. it’ll go around our water park. As you proceed you’ll see others enjoying the games as you enjoyed.


Wave Pool

Face the waves in our rattling Wave Pool. you’ll feel as of you’re in ocean and knowledge the important ocean waves. it’s supercharged with terribly powerful wave generators then the hit you get from it’ll match the important hit by ocean waves. an excellent time for the complete family.

Multi/Mat Sliders

Experience the 5 lanes of competitive head-first mat sport beginning with a swift drop at the highest on our multi slide. solely upon coming into the splash pool at very cheap can you recognize who is that the real winner.


Dry Rides in the Park

For kids

The children games are:

  • Baby Train
  • Jumping Frog
  • Kids Car
  • Children Go Around

Children Go Around

This vibrant ride has been designed particularly for teenagers. This love able Merry Go spherical plays many standard kids melodies. Because the music plays, the children goes up, down and around in their ponies.


For Adults

The different rides for adults are:

  • Columbus
  • Swing Chair
  • Science park
  • Dashing Cars
  • Gaint Wheel
  • Boating

Swing Chair

Float in air on brilliantly coloured swing-like seats. Sit in chairs that swing outward because the ride rotates. You’ll feel the planet is revolving in no time.Higher and better in every turn!



To get pleasure from the seafaring along with your relations we’ve four member boats in an exceedingly beautiful lake . If you desires to possess a race we tend to even have one sitting mechanics boats. you’ll even bit crocodiles without worrying.


Attractions within the park

The few attractions within the park are:

Games Park

Enjoy the games like Airhockey ,Doll Catcher ,Basket Ball ,ring throw and plenty of additional. Earn the points and obtain the gifts.

Play Station

Completely for teenagers,get pleasure from the video games, ball throws , travel in glass lifts ,additional and additional.

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Athisayam Timings:

It is open from 10:00 am to 6:30 pm

Entry fee:

Rs 300/- for adults and Rs. 200- for Children.

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