Safety tips for working women

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Women safety is reducing day by day even there are lot of arrangements of safety measures suspicious things on women are happening still now.


Women is equally competing with men in all facts but the basic fact is women are not strong while comparing with men in body strength this is the mind set of strangers who are all have the thought of mischief’s on women.
Mostly working women has faced lot of problems and, I am going to suggest basic tips and guide for working women to save them.

Be aware of your of surroundings


The worst thing you can do is have no idea who or what is around you. The more you pay attention, the less likely you are to be surprised. Also, if something does happen and you’re a witness, you’ll be able to provide better information to law enforcement.

Reduce your distractions


If you’re walking through a deserted parking lot, is it really necessary to send a text right that moment? If you’re focused solely on your phone and checking your email, you’re not going to notice if something, or someone, looks out of place.

Make an eye contact


When you pass someone on the street, look them in the eye and give a polite nod of the head to acknowledge you see them very clearly.

Walk with purpose


Stand tall and keep your posture so that it represents authority. The less you look like a victim, the less likely someone will target you as such

Just report when you feel doubtful


Don’t worry about whether you’re overreacting or being overcautious. If you think something is out of place, make a call to the authorities. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. That’s what the police are there for. It’s better all the way around if they can be proactive instead of reactive.

Never give up


No matter what happens, never stop fighting. Unleash your inner bitch and let her go. If you’re in a fight for your life, make sure you’re the one who wins.

Carry weapon only you trained


Some women choose to carry pepper spray or a firearm as a method of defense. Make sure that you know how to use your weapon of choice properly and effectively.

Watch your use of social media


Some people put everything on Face book. Remember that more information you give out, someone else will know your schedule and can figure out when you’re most vulnerable.

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