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Best contour palettes for makeup

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Contour platelets are the key to magic of makeup. Makeup is an essential factor in today’s environment.


Usually girls wear makeup for some occasion or events but today not only girls all aged persons are indulge in makeup for each and every ...

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Malayalee Wedding Ceremony

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Malayalee Wedding Ceremony is pleasurable and rituals are full of fun. Close relatives and friends take part actively in the numerous ceremonies.


There are no strict rules in the Malayalee marriage...

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Ananda Pagoda Temple – Myanmar

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The Ananda temple is one of Bagan’s best known and most beautiful temples.It was one of the first great temples to be build in Bagan and is well preserved. The temple is found near the Tharabar gate, the only gate remaining of the original 12 in the old Bagan city walls.


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Tips to protect babies from disease in rainy season

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It is important for children to be fully immunized. Diseases that can be prevented with vaccines can be very serious even deadly especially for infants and young children


Immunizations have helped to greatly improve the health of children...

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Surendrapuri temple – Telangana

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Surendrapuri is a museum located about 60km from Hyderabad, India. The museum is also known as Mythological Awareness Center.

Surendrapuri Museum Monument

For the first time in India such a marvel has been created with the concept of making people see the celestial world...

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