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Best waterproof eyeliners – Liquid and Gel

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Eyeliners are the most used makeup product after the lipsticks. Just as kajal makes your eyes gorgeous, similarly eyeliners can make the eyes look bigger and bolder.


Waterproof eyeliners

These days we have so many different options for eyeline...

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How To Wear Dupatta In Different Styles

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In this blog we are going to see about – “How To Wear Dupatta In Different Styles”….


Flowy Flounder style

Wear is again an evolution of frontal fetish, with one side still stuck to the shoulder while the other side has flown down to give the d...

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8 Natural Remedies For Brain Tumors

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Brain tumors may lead to edema, loss of sensation, blurred vision, and difficulty in speech. In most cases Surgery is the only option to cure brain tumor.


Recent studies have revealed that certain kinds of natural treatments are effective in t...

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South Indian Variety Rice – Travel Menu

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Variety rice is very famous in south India. In this blog all the variety rice are prepared mainly during long travel because it is fine to eat for 2 to 3 days.


Variety rice

Rice is a staple food in many countries around the world...

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Best Places to Visit in Vietnam

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In Vietnam, there are many surprising sights and fascinating places to explore. Most travelers to Vietnam are attracted by the country’s wonderful natural beauty.


Vietnam tourist places

Vietnam however is also a country with a long history a...

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