South Indian Variety Rice – Travel Menu

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Variety rice is very famous in south India. In this blog all the variety rice are prepared mainly during long travel because it is fine to eat for 2 to 3 days.


Variety rice

Rice is a staple food in many countries around the world. People in most Asian countries like India, China, consume rice as their main dish, while in western as a side dish.


Curd rice

Curd rice is one food item, which is a part of a lavish exotic menu as well as a simple menu. In many temples, curd rice is made as an offering to the God.


Try this creamy, delicious and healthy rice variety and your children will become a great fan.

Tomato rice


It is a mild South Indian rice recipe with tomatoes. Tomato rice is probably a busy cook’s best friend. If you have some cooked rice and ripe tomatoes ready.


This one pot meal comes together in about 15-20 minutes. Make this easy tomato rice, serve it to loved ones, and refrigerate some so you can pack it for lunch the next day.

Lemon rice


Lemon rice is a delicious south Indian dish and is simple and easy to make. Lemon juice gives a very refreshing and tangy flavor to the rice.

Lemon rice goes well with roasted potatoes. It is a great travel food and can be used for packed lunch.

Tamarind rice


Tamarind rice is a South Indian rice dish that is commonly prepared in every South Indian household. It gains its origin from the Brahmin kitchen.

Puliyodharai is also prepared as Prasad or offering to God in temples and in houses. It is more prominently seen as Prasadam in the Vishnu temples.

Mints rice


Mint- coriander rice is one of the favorite rice dishes most sought among all age groups. The aroma of mint and coriander makes even the most precise eater relish and enjoy the dish.

Mint and coriander are the easiest available herbs and can be easily grown in our kitchen garden.

Sesame rice


Sesame seeds are used in culinary as well as in traditional medicines for their nutritive, preventive and curative properties.

Rice blended with sesame seed powder and the seasoning makes this dish yummy.

Coconut rice


Coconut Rice is one of the simplest rice preparations from south India. The more coconut you add, the more flavorful the rice will be.

It goes well with any side dish. It is perfect for lunch box and even to serve for unexpected guests.

Curry leaf rice


Curry leaf rice is the easiest and the quickest that can be cooked on any busy morning. Curry leaves can be washed and pat-dried on kitchen towels, the previous night to make it faster.

So, go ahead and set out to make this green colorful aromatic nutritive rice variety in your spouse or child’s lunch box.

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