Malampuzha Dam And It Attraction In Kerala

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Malampuzha Dam is the largest reservoir in Kerala, located near Palakkad in south India with the scenic hills of the Western Ghats in the background.


Malampuzha is a lush green town is a major tourist attraction for its trekking trails and the large irrigation dam.

History Of Malampuzha Dam

The idea for a dam in the Malampuzha region to boost agriculture started from the second decade of the 20thCentury.


However, it was only after India’s independence on 27th of March 1949, that the then Public Works Minister,


Sri. M. Bhaktavatsalam laid the foundation stone for the project. Palakkad was a part of the Madras Presidency during those times.

Malampuzha Dam Construction

The dam was constructed in record time, and on October 9th 1955, the then Chief Minister of Madras, Sri. K Kamaraj, inaugurated the dam.


The place where the dam, its catchment area, the garden on the front side, and the distribution canal are now situated is collectively known as “Malampuzha”,


which were earlier known as Ponpaara, Chovankaadu, Iduppady, Vadukampaadam, Thanjikapallam, Kaarakkaad,Thoopallam, Vaarani, Akkarakkaadu,


Kadukkaamkunnam, Aanakkuzhykkaadu, Thampuraattypotta, Aanamukkara, Paandipotta, Thekkumpaadam and Koshavanidukku.

Malampuzha Dam Project

The project consists of a dam constructed across the river Malampuzha, a tributary of Bharathapuzha and network of canal system to irrigate an area of 21,245 hectares.


The dam is straight gravity type of masonry with an earthen saddle. The length of masonry portion 1626.71 m and the earthen portion is 222.20 m.


The capacity of the reservoir is 226 mm3 at Full Reservoir Level (FRL) + 115.06 m and a water-spread area of 22


The maximum height of the masonry dam is 38.10 m (125 feet). There is a network of two canal systems that serve the dam’s reservoir of 42,090 hectares..

Main Attraction Of This Dam

  • Entrance Garden
  • Yakshi Garden
  • Japanese Garden
  • Upper Garden and viewpoint
  • Cable car ride



  • Fish shaped aquarium
  • Toy train for kids
  • Fantasy Park
  • Spiced fruits camp
  • Excellent Trekking tracks
  • River baths

Entry Fees of Malampuzha Dam

  • 10 per person for entry
  • 40 per person for ropeway

Getting there

Nearest railway station: Palakkad, about 9 km
Nearest airport: Coimbatore International Airport, about 67 km and Calicut International Airport, about 106 km


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