Usual Outdoor Adventures in Brazil

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Brazilian adventures and highly glamorous lifestyle always motivated the unknowns to think over unusual to taste each moment the life bags for them.



Outdoor adventurers

Every nook and corner of this place describes you, as the special children of god who can luckily hunt sundry range to produce biologically rich environments.

Kite Surfing in Jericoacoara


Pocket size powerhouse, the Jericoacoara village is a favorite hideout for kite-surf fans.

From July to November, this tiny settlement creates every possible option for both first timers and amateurs by catching the glimpse of lovely sunset on the water of Prea Beach and hence makes an effort to touch the sky.

Beach Buggy from Natal to Fortaleza


You have heard correctly that one can take huge delights in Beach Buggy ride on the long coast from Natal to Fortaleza.

Rather if you are in Brazil on the expected locale, plan a non-stop 4-day Buggy dune tour known for providing memorable towering dunes explorations along the way as well.

Horseback Riding in Minas Geras


Exotic, exuberant, tropical and alluring, the chocolate box Minas Geras state of the country bestows you a chance to ride stretches of the Estrada Real like a regal ruler.

Even you can also map out a five-day horse trekking tour from Belo Horizonte to Ouro Preto. However, the Pant anal also looks very appealing for an adventurous horse ride.

Canoeing the Amazon


Have you ever heard of jungle canoeing in Brazil? The sounds of the forest heightens your senses, and other activities like gazing water splashes, finding sloths, birds and monkeys on the trees really make the whole attitude of nature worth-beholding.

Hang Gliding in Rio

It is Hang-Gliding in Rio de Janeiro, one of the daring recreational wind sports that require you to run off the shore of a platform with nothing amid you and the ground.


And once you are set to fly like a bird, remember the enthralling beaches, rainforest, and much more that going to become the spectacle of your eyes until you land at So Conrado beach.

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