Gift Trap – The Party Board Game

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Gift Trap is an indie party board game, invented by Nick Kellet (based on an idea inspired by his eldest daughter in 2004).


The Gift Trap is billed as “The hilarious gift-exchange party game”. It relies on the players personal knowledge of each other.

How to Play the game

GiftTRAP is played over a series of rounds. Each round has the following steps:


1.DEAL – deal random gifts from one of the 5 packs of gifts. Packs have similar monetary value.

2. SHOP – think about how to match these gifts to the players.

3. GIVE – give one of these gifts to each player (using gift tokens).

4. GET – choose which gifts you want yourself (using get tokens: Ok, Good, Great & No Way).

5. REVEAL – show people what you wanted and see what you were given by each player.

6. SCORE – the giver and the receiver score for each gift (the giver gets GIVING points, the receiver gets GETTING points).


The first to reach the end of both the Giving and Getting tracks is the winner.

About Gift Trap

“Gift Trap”‘s website has always been an integral part of its story featuring contests and showing all the artwork for the gift images from the game in all the different languages.


In 2009 a number of videos were added to communicate the fun aspects of exchanging gifts. This was extended by the addition of an Interactive video by Hustream to communicate the concept of the game and to feature the awards and content of the game.


“Gift Trap” is currently translated into 8 languages. In 2010 ‘Gift Trap’ will enter its sixth production run and will be adding Chinese, Russian, Greek and Japanese editions taking the language total to 12.



In 2007 “Gift Trap” won party game of the year in France by Bruno Faidutti and Best New Party Game 2008 and placed in the Games 100 by Games (magazine) in the USA.


Gift Trap donated one copy to the charity Right To Play for every ten copies sold from the first production run of 10,000 games.

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