Simple Tools you can use for Nail Art Dotting

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In nail art, dotting is the major trend and here the best and simple tools for nail art dotting are described. All shapes of dotting are created using these tools.


Nail art dotting

I am sure you can dig few of these tools at home. In addition, once you do, you will be all set for some fancy nail art.



This ignored hairpin can help you customize attractive nail art dotting designs easily. Dip one end of the hairpin in your favorite nail color and get clean dots in time.



Paintbrushes can be used to make larger dots. You can use makeup brushes as well to get clean large dots on your nails.

Ball Pen


The tip of a ball pen can be used to get clean, miniature dots on your nails. These dots look tidy even when the design is crowded. Ball pens make one of the best nail art dotting tools.



Matchsticks form an interesting nail art dotting tool that offers two sized rounded dots. You can use both ends of a matchstick to get a desired dot.



Toothpicks are a gem in the list of home tools for creating nail art. Both the ends can be used to create dot patterns.

You can also create different patterns like floral dots, parallel designs and much more with precision, using the sharper edge of a toothpick.

Safety Pins


Safety pins also make a fantastic nail art dotting tool. Stretch the two ends wide apart to ensure you do not get hurt. Use the pointed tip of the safety pin to create ultra small dots.



A sharpened pencil is a multipurpose tool for creating different nail art dotting designs. The pointed tip gives small dots while the rounded tips create medium sized dots, and blunt tip gives bigger dots.

All Pins


You can use simple all pins and the fancy ones to play with different designs. The back end of these pins creates different sized dots.

Fancy Ear Rings


Small fancy earrings have a pointed end that can be used to get clean dots on nails. In addition, a few earrings take the shape of pearls that are very small.

Those small and rounded earrings can also be used to create exceptional dotted nail art designs.



Sewing needles make a huge impact when it comes to nail art dotting. Both the ends of a needle can be used to create dotted nail art patterns with ease.

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