Top 10 Richest Cities in India – Did you Know

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India is vast nation, which has major richest cities, though India ranks second for population, India is also notable as the third richest country in the world with a GDP.


Richest cities

Here, Top 10 richest cities in India are listed according to their economic outcome.



Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra, and this port city handles over 70% transactions of nation’s economy and contributes more than 6% of total Indian economy.

The Mumbai has headquarters of NSE, BSE, RBI, and many other important establishments.



The capital of India has an estimated GDP of 167 Billion USD. As the capital, it has high number of government and quasi government employees.

Urban expansion of Delhi has led to inclusion of other nearby towns and villages under NCR.



Capital of West Bengal and ex capital of India, Kolkata has GDP of 150 Billion USD.

Kolkata is major port city and like other major cities, now Kolkata has become an important destination for various IT firms and BPOs.



Bangalore is the capital of Karnataka and is known as the Silicon City of India because it gave birth to a number of IT companies at the turn of the millennium.

The Bangalore city ranked among the top 10 locations in the world that are preferred by entrepreneurs.



Also known as the “City of Pearls”, the GDP of Hyderabad is about 74 Billion USD. Lonely Planet ranked Hyderabad as the third best city in the world for tourism.



Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu and primary port city in south India. Its GDP of the city is 66 Billion USD.

It is the second largest exporter of IT related services.



Ahmadabad is one of the most vibrant cities of Gujarat with a GDP of 64 Billion USD. Ahmadabad is the largest supplier of denim, and the largest exporter of gems and jewelry.



Pune is the second largest metropolis in Maharashtra and has a GDP of 48 Billion USD. World Bank is investing in the Pune food cluster to set up food and vegetable processing units.



Surat is known as the Diamond Hub of the world. 90 % of the total rough diamonds in the world are cut and polished in Surat.

In addition, a major textile player, Surat has more than 380 dyeing, printing mills, and 41,000 powers looms.



Visakhapatnam has country’s oldest shipyard and some of the largest seaports. Gradually, besides heavy industries, it is developing into an IT hub.

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