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Sri Raja Kaliamman Glass Temple – Malaysia

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Sri Rajakaliamman glass temple is located in the city of Johor Bahru, close to Malaysia’s southern border with Singapore, one of the world’s most amazing pieces of architecture.


Sri Rajakaliamman glass temple

This temple is covered almost ...

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7 Healthy Breakfast Meals You Can Make in 10 Minutes

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Today we have going to discuss about the topic is “How to make a Healthy Breakfast”…


Yes, our blog refers to some recipes are easy and healthy—and ready in 10 minutes..but, how it’s possible??.. Let see that..

Peach Cobbler Oatmeal

Forget fl...

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6 Haunted Objects You Do Not Want to Bring Into Your Home

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Paranormal has been a big part of just about every culture in the world. Sometimes, it’s manifested through objects that brought nothing but terror to their owners…


Yes, our blog refer to some haunted objects....

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7 Essential Jewellery for an Indian Bride

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In this blog we are going to see about the “7 Essential Jewellery for an Indian Bride”.



Obviously the most important piece of jewellery, the haar or the necklace should be worn by every bride.


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Kambu Koozh Recipe – How To Make And It Benefits!

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Kambu is called pearl millet in English, Bajra in Hindi.The main recipe is the porridge made with broken kambu.


Kambu porridge is made only during hot summer season as it cools the body instantly and gives pure refreshment...

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