Best Maritime Museums Across the World

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Maritime museums are the pleasure of the nation. You will see that these museums are not just fascinating but also attractive. If you are into marine instruments, you might find these museums bewitching.


Maritime museums

Here are 10 maritime museums across the world that has won the hearts of numerous people.

National Maritime Museum


It is one of the biggest museums across the world that has positioned best marine instruments on display. It also includes an observatory named Royal observation tower and Queen’s house.

Sydney Maritime Museum


One of the biggest museums in Australia is Sydney maritime museum. For about two decades, this museum has been housing the maritime instruments.

In fact, this museum is warehouse for the Australian marine.

San Diego Maritime Museum


If you love exploring through the marine world, then San Diego’s maritime museum is your best bet.


The marine surrounding is captured and presented beautifully by this lovely museum in San Diego.

Liverpool Maritime Museum


If you want to understand the influence that North Western English city had on British marine life, then you should visit this museum.

This museum, located in Liverpool, will take you through rejuvenating journey of past.

Vancouver Maritime Museum


It offers a sneak peek into artifacts from ancient times of Canada to the wonders of modern society. It also allows you to explore maritime world and create fascinating details about it.

Michigan Maritime Museum


Michigan maritime museum is known to display the beauty surrounding the world of maritime in United States Great Lakes.


It positions itself at rank six, and can be called warehouse of maritime United States.

Maine Maritime Museum


It is one of the oldest and considerably interesting maritime museums in the world. It is as old as the 19th century, and displays all the important details of nautical history of US.

Voyager New Zealand Maritime Museum


Voyager is one of the incredible maritime museums that are located in the beautiful land of New Zealand. The maritime contribution to the world has been carefully detailed and listed in this maritime museum.

Kobe Maritime Museum


Japan’s biggest and one of most important ports is port of Kobe, and that is where this museum received its name.


You can also explore the influence of contemporary technology on the museum.

Netherlands Maritime Museum


This museum is located in Amsterdam, and details out all significant happenings in Netherlands. You can explore the civilian and marine domains of past and present times through this museum.

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