The 5 Blogs Every Working Woman Should Read

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In this blog we are going to see about – ‘The 5 Blogs Every Working Woman Should Read’.



It’s vital to curate a work wardrobe that embodies professionalism and confidence while still allowing some room for personality.


Mary Orton’s blog “Memorandum”, formerly known as “The Classy Cubicle,” provides advice on how to strike the perfect balance between traditional and modern work ensembles.


Orton knows how to dress, and she won’t let you leave the house looking anything but professional and confident.

Well & Good

Co-founders Alexia Brue and Melisse Gelula created Well & Good as an online hub for all things healthy.


You’ll find everything from nutritious recipes to restaurant reviews to the best places for natural cosmetics. As a working woman, it’s always challenging to balance busy work days and healthy life choices.


This blog is the ideal place to get tips and tricks to simplify living healthy.

Women 2.0

“With 30% of tech workers being women, 10% female founders, 10% female investors, 24% women sourced in news, something had to change.” And that’s exactly what Women 2.0 is doing.


With a tech and business focus, the site aims to help women achieve their professional goals through articles, videos, events, and meetups that share one goal: to change the way women are seen in business.


The Skimm

Our final favorite isn’t really a blog so much as a newsletter with a blog, but if you don’t receive this gem in your inbox, it’s time to get on board A.S.A.P.


The Skimm will change the way you view news. Not only do you receive an easy-to-read, engaging and condensed daily email, but you also have access to a blog with blurbs of encouragement and other silly memes to brighten your workday.


The Levo

Levo is for the hard-working lady interested in connecting with peers, meeting with mentors, developing skills, and growing professionally.


Scour the endless inspirational articles, guides, and videos, or initiate conversations with mentors on work-related issues.


It’s a great way to become a part of an innovative and vibrant community.

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