6 Famous Landmarks That Are Creepy Suicide Magnets

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I would not like to linger on the point of explaining what suicides are and what makes people commit them because it is an immensely sad and depressing topic. So moving right along,


I would like to add to your knowledge as to what are the most famous suicide points in the world. Let see the 7 world’s most famous suicide spots…

Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is seventy-six years old and is an architectural marvel that marries strength and grace. The bridge is also the world’s


premier venue for suicide and arguably the most famous one thanks to film and pop culture. On average, a person jumps to his or her death from it every two weeks.

Aokigahara Forest

They call it the suicide forest of Japan and how could they not? Even though the estimates vary it is believed that each year the authorities remove as many as 100


bodies found hanging in the country’s suicide hotspot while others can lie undiscovered for years.

Niagara Falls

According to one of the most respected historians of the Falls, Paul Gromosiak, there have been over 2,780 known suicides between 1856 and 1995, while the suicide rate


there has increased in the past twenty years. Many psychologists have tried to analyze and interpret the macabre phenomenon from a scientific point of view but no clear answer has been found.

Eiffel Tower

Believe it or not and despite the Eiffel Tower receiving so many happy tourists every year, it has the highest number of suicides for any French touristic attraction and if


you just google suicide + Eiffel Tower you won’t believe how many people pick the iconic construction from which to end their lives.

The Corinth Canal

Unfortunately, the historic Canal of Corinth has been the ideal attraction for locals and tourists who want to commit suicide for the past few decades and according to


local police reports, people from more than fifteen countries have committed suicide there over the years.

Pigeons’ Rock

Along the coast of Raouché, one of the most beautiful areas of Beirut, Lebanon, there is the famous natural landmark widely known as Pigeons’ Rock, which attracts many tourists yearly.


Other than for their rare natural beauty, the two big rock formations, which stand like huge sentinels, became a notorious suicide destination for locals during the ‘40s.

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