Early Signs of Heart Attack you must Aware

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The heart is one of the most important organs of your body. It works day and night, non-stop, throughout your life.


Early Signs of Heart Attack

Therefore, it is your responsibility to take good care of your heart by maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Jaw Pain


The chest pain can sometimes spread to the arms, jaws, and the back. Hence, you might experience pain in jaw or even tooth pain.

Chest Pain


This one is considered as a classic symptom of a stroke or heart attack. Pressure and squeezing initially, followed by pain right at the center of the chest.

This pain typically lasts for few minutes, and then it becomes normal after some time.

Shortness of Breath


You might experience shortness of breath or difficulty in breathing quite often before a stroke occurs. This might sometimes also lead to rapid heartbeat or heart palpitations due to lack of oxygen.

You must never ignore this symptom.



Nausea is a rare symptom, but some people complain of indigestion or flu before heart attack. This symptom is usually noticed more in women than men.

Excessive Sweating

Sweating usually accompanies heart attack. Some people usually break out in cold sweat.

Sudden Numbness in Limbs


A sudden numbness in limbs or arms can be a sign of heart attack. This can even cause paralysis, and the patient may collapse as well.

Pain on One Side of Face

Sudden pain on one side of the face can also be considered possible symptom of heart attack.



Sudden bout of continuous hiccups is an apparent symptom. This is usually caused due to shortness of breath and lack of oxygen.


Along with discomfort in upper abdominal area, heartburn is also experienced in a few cases.

Facial Weakness


One side of the patient’s face is paralyzed or feels droopy. This is a very severe symptom, and you must contact your doctor immediately.

General Epigastria Discomfort


Sometimes, a heart attack also causes pain in stomach or upper part of abdomen. This pain or discomfort may persist for 5-10 minutes or more.

Loss of Vision

The onset of a stroke can often lead to blurred or impaired vision in either one eye or both eyes at the same time.

Upper Back Pain


Upper back pain is another common symptom that stems from heart attack. This pain then spreads to arms (left) and can even extend until the wrists and fingers.

General Malaise


Right from the initial phase, you will feel unwell and lethargic. This is often described as fatigue and light headedness, and can be accompanied by fainting. Some people also exhibit anxiety or panic attacks.

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