Top 8 New Year Resolutions 2017 For New Beginning!

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What is your resolution for this New Year?..Still thinking what kind of resolutions to be taken then please check this New Year Resolutions 2017. If you are confused



about what type of resolutions to be taken then see these Happy New Year resolution ideas. In a resolution, we must consider the factors about health, career, finance, and the resolution should be taken.

Stay Fit and Healthy

This is the top resolution taken by the most of the people.


Because staying fit gives you confidence and it is also the important factor to avoid diseases

Lose weight

If you are more than ideal weight then add this resolution to your list. Don’t put efforts to drop the weight at a time.


Lose little weight every month and achieve your result.

Practice meditation

They are many benefits in practicing meditation.


It improves your mood, reduces your anxiety and makes you relaxed & happy.

Learn new things every day

Try to learn new thing everything day and list it out in your journal.


By the end of the year, you can know how many things you have learned in your life.

Focus on career


Check it out what is your position in your career, estimate how much time you need to reach your goal, according to that plan your days.

Make a habit of reading books

Try to spend time for reading books. This habit will make you very happy.


After starting reading books you will get forget yourself, so try it.

Maintain friendly relationship

Try to be friendly with all, it will increase your confidence. Maintain a good relationship with all. Spend quality time with family and friends.


Throw your ego, anger, jealous from you. Probably you can see a change in your life.

Pray to God

If you believe in God then spend some time to God.


Daily do prayers and it will increase the positivity in you.

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