Top 4 Spooky Car Parks To Avoid This Halloween!

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we don’t just mean those deserted car parks that are a little bit freaky late at night. Or car parks infested by people with a weird clown fetish. Nope.


We were thinking about the spooky car parks and the haunted car parks, where parking comes with the added risk of bumping into a poltergeist. Or two.

Bell Street Car Park, Dundee

When you build a car park on the site of an old graveyard you are just asking for trouble. Built on top of 10,000 corpses interred there after the Howff cemetery


reached capacity and was closed the 1960s car park has even incorporated a few of the original gravestones.


Over the years there have been many stories about strange sounds emanating from the car park, from muffled cries, sobs and wailing to the sound of a ghostly weeping baby.

Millers Field Car Park, Canterbury

As the name would suggest, Millers Field hasn’t always been a car park. Up until 1936 it was a field that a nearby flour mill used to store its goods before they were


transported across the river. Local residents report sightings of a ghostly apparition wandering around the area in the early morning.


Wearing the clothes of a miller. Park with scare…sorry, care!

Winter’s Gibbet

Less of a ghostly tale, and a stretch to really claim this as a car park (more like a lay-by) but just check out that view…


Beautiful scenery. Lovely road. Oh look. A gibbet. Excellent.

The Feathers Hotel, Shropshire

Haunted pubs are a dime a dozen, possibly something to do with the convenient availability of alcohol… but haunted pub car parks are more of a novelty.


The pub itself is also haunted, but what really caught our eye were reports of a frequently witnessed ghost which only appears to men.


The apparition is a young scantily clad woman that has been seen walking through cars before vanishing into thin air. Freaky!

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