Traditional Games to Celebrate Pongal

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Most of these Pongal games are held in an open ground, typically in the middle of the village. All villagers will gather around and enjoy the games, encouraging (or making fun of) the participants.


Pongal games

A few of the most popular Pongal games are listed here. This culture now continues even in big cities.

  • Uriadi
  • Vazhukku Maram
  • Jallikkattu (Bullfight)
  • Silambattam
  • Kabadi
  • Cockfight
  • Kolam (Floor art)

Uri Adi

In Tamil “Uri” means rope and “Adi” means hitting. A pot will be tied in rope and participants need to hit it with long stick.

pic 8

When they try to do it, people will pour water on them so that they cannot see clearly. The one who “sees” the pot despite all this and hits it will win the prize.

Vazhukku Maram

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“Vazhukku” means skidding in Tamil, and “Maram” means a tree, here it means a vertical shaft where oil is poured in great quantities, so that no one can climb on it.

hqdefault (18)

On the top of the shaft, some big prize will be kept for the winner.



This is the most traditional game and the name should actually be written as “Sallikkattu”. They will tie some money in wild bull’s horns and open it up in ground.

Able men should try to control the bull and get the money as their prize.



An ancient martial art, “Silambam” is an art of fighting with the help of a stick. It used to be a village specialty, now you can see it even in cities, especially during Pongal days.


Silambam contests are arranged as part of Pongal celebrations where young boys fight against each other to win the coveted prize.



Tamilians play Kabadi seriously throughout the year. However, Pongal is a special time when they go on a competition mode and winning becomes part of the celebration.

It is mainly a matter of having fun with your friends!



A cockfight is a blood sport between two roosters (cocks), or more accurately gamecocks, held in a ring called a cockpit.

The history of raising fowl for fighting goes back 6,000 years conducted by Tamil peoples.

Kolam (Floor art)


Pongal, the harvest festival of Tamil Nadu, is celebrated with fun and fervor.

Several types of kolam designs are popular for Pongal. All girls and women draw line kolam, which involves free hand drawing of lines, to make colorful art that involves some gift package for the best floor art.


Therefore, this Pongal – go and play. Have a lot of fun and a happy Pongal 2017.

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