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Manipuri Dance Form History – Part 2

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In this blog we are going to see about the┬áManipuri Dance Form History – Part 2.


To know about the┬áManipuri Classical Dance Form – Click here for Part 1.

History of Manipuri Dance

According to tradition of the Manipuri people in the Himalaya...

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Manipuri Classical Dance Form – Part 1

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Manipuri is one of the six major classical dances of India. Manipuri dance is indigenous to Manipur, the North eastern state of India.


The Manipuri dance style is inextricably woven into the life pattern of Manipuri people...

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Kolattam – The Dance Form of India

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Kolattam, derived from Kol (a small stick), and Attam (play) is the name of a charming Tamil dance practiced by groups of young girls.


The Kolattam dance involves religious offering homage to the temple Goddess by the women of a region, especia...

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Traditional Folk Dance forms of Assam..!

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It is often said that folk dance is the best manifestation of the culture and tradition of a particular place. The best example to this statement can be seen in the various,


ethnic dance forms that are prevalent in the different corners of As...

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8 Forms of Famous Indian Classical Dance!

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India has a very rich culture of classical dance and music, Traditional, folk and Tribal dances style.


These Incredible traditional dances of India are originated during the ancient times and considered the mother art of classical dances.


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