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Traditional Games to Celebrate Pongal

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Most of these Pongal games are held in an open ground, typically in the middle of the village. All villagers will gather around and enjoy the games, encouraging (or making fun of) the participants.


Pongal games

A few of the most popular Pongal...

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Top 7 Magnificent Statues and Sculpture in Kerala!

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Kerala,The gods own country has some of the most magnificent landscaped, beautiful sculptures and giant statues in India such as Jatayu Bird Sculpture in Kollam,


statue of Mermaid at Shanghumukham beach...

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10 Tamil Medicinal Plants – Do You Must Know About It?

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Human have started to use of medicinal plants since ancient times. Still today, may of us rely on such traditional remedies. At same time many ingredients used for the


production of modern medicines are also derived from the herbs in the surr...

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Top 7 Unexplained Miracles In India – Art And Culture!

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Mythologies are the most important feature of every culture, religion, country and historical events. There are traditional narratives, which may or may not be related to


nature or some natural events...

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7 Rare Dog Breeds You Didn’t Know Existed!

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Over the centuries dogs have been bred for many different reasons from companionship, to be workers, or just as pets.


As a result of this there are more than a few strange and spectacular breeds out there and it’s hard to keep tracks of them al...

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