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Traditional Games to Celebrate Pongal

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Most of these Pongal games are held in an open ground, typically in the middle of the village. All villagers will gather around and enjoy the games, encouraging (or making fun of) the participants.


Pongal games

A few of the most popular Pongal...

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Gorgeous Peacock Rangoli Designs For Pongal Festival!

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Here we have selected some of the best Rangoli designs inspired by Peacocks.


We know many of you are not very accustomed to making Rangoli, so we have included some simple ones as well.

Simple Peacock Rangoli Design


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5 Herbal Essential Oils Proven that Kills Cancer

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There are many ways that essential oils and aromatherapy can support in cancer healing, including stress relief and emotional support.


Essential oils

However, some essential oils are shown to act directly on cancer cells, preventing growth or ...

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The Tree and the Travelers – Short Story

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The tree and the travelers story is a message-passing story. Here two travelers are involved in the screenplay to convey the message to grow trees.


Also, a moral was we should not cruse the one who always support if once he failed in some case...

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Top 5 Naturals Salon Bridal Makeup Packages

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Ladies, make your dreams and wish of looking beautiful and special on the wedding day by choosing the various Bridal Makeup services of the well-trained and equipped professionals from Natural makeup salon.


Bridal Makeup packages

Moreover, the...

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