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5 Horror Museums Around The World You Don’t Visit!

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Are you bored of visiting same old historical museums? There are museums which are capable of inflicting the kind of trauma you can never recover from.


Visiting these creepy museums can give you chills!....

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5 Museums you should visit in Bangalore

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These museums not only display a treasure trove of information and artifacts from the city’s past, they also offer a glimpse of the culture and tradition that existed in the by-gone days.


Best Museums

Bangalore is a city with glorious past a...

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Best Maritime Museums Across the World

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Maritime museums are the pleasure of the nation. You will see that these museums are not just fascinating but also attractive. If you are into marine instruments, you might find these museums bewitching.


Maritime museums

Here are 10 maritime m...

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World’s Best Art Museum – Top 7

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Art Museums not only exhibit but also safeguard these art objects for future generations. The urge to collect things of beauty and significance goes deep into history.


Art museum

This blog feature the best museums in the world...

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Indian Museum in Kolkatta – History,Timings

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The Indian Museum is the largest and oldest museum in India and has rare collections of antiques,armour and ornaments,fossils,skeletons,mummies, and Mughal paintings.


It was founded by the Asiatic Society of Bengal in Kolkata(Calcutta), India...

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