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Bizarre Museum which Boggles Unbelievable Quotient

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Bizarre Museums have a story to tell; a piece of history; a niche filling in humanity’s ceaseless quest to organize and tag everything in the environment.


Bizarre Museums

These museums are different in a bizarre way show casing and adorning ce...

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National Museum, New Delhi – Description

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The National Museum in New Delhi, also known as the National Museum of India, is one of the largest museums in India.


Established in 1949, it holds variety of articles ranging from pre-historic era to modern works of art...

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Venkatappa Art Gallery Museum

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Venkatappa Art Gallery (VAG) is situated at Bangalore, India, in the vicinity of Cubbon Park.


And it is next to the Bangalore Museum as well as the Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum...

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Top 10 Biggest houses in the world 2016

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It is true that everyone wanted most expensive house in the world. A home is the most comfortable place for a person. This blog shows the list of top ten most luxurious houses from around the world.


Top 10 biggest houses

See how mind-blowing ...

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Shenbaganur Museum Dindigul, India

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One of the popular tourist spots in Kodaikanal, Shenbaganur Museum is a place that makes for an interesting visit. It is popular by its name Shenbaganur Museum Dindigul, India.



Located at a distance of 5...

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