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Sand and Stone – Best Moral Story

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This sand and stone story is about two friends how they leading their life with prospects of understanding with some valuable moments.


Sand and stone

A beautiful narration of moral that we should always think and do good things also remembers ...

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The Devoted Mother – Tricky Short Story

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This is story about a mother duck and trick played by the duck to save its ducklings.


Always mother is living god and save every child from hurdles until her alive.

The Devoted Mother

A mother duck and her little ducklings were on their way to...

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What Do Ghosts Eat?- The Real Ghost Story

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The Ghost Food

The ancient Greeks believed that the spirits of the dead descended to Hades, a very dark and bleak underworld, with some neighborhoods darker and bleaker than others.


While military heroes and people who were especially virtuous ...

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Change Yourself and Not the World – Short Story

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Change yourself and Not the World is a beautiful short story and the moral is narrated in the best way.


Change yourself and Not the World

Long ago, people lived happily under the rule of a king.


  • King
  • Minister
  • Country men
  • workers


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8 Most Terrifying Two Sentence Horror Stories Ever Told

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Some of these creepy stories you’re about to read are absolutely terrifying. It’s crazy how just two simple sentences can send chills down your spine.


You might want to keep your lights on for these horror stories, better yet…....

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