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9 Scary Mugshots That Will Haunt Your Dreams Forever!

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My mother taught me to never judge people on their appearance. But hey, she obviously never seen these mugshots!


Running into any of these scary looking individuals in a dark alleyway would give me a heart attack...

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Top 8 Spooky Haunted Homes For Sale – To Buy Now

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While not everyone believes in ghosts, there are still homes that are generally considered to be haunted..


Shopping around for a new house this Halloween season? there are the top 10 scariest homes on the market right now:

The “Silence of the L...

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6 Real Ghost Pictures And It Stories – That’ll Spook You!

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The 5 best real ghost pictures and the scary stories behind them. These are famous images of ghostly apparitions and unexplained supernatural phenomena.


Yes, This blog refer to some real spooky stories and have that evidence....

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6 Spooky Photos That Prove Ghosts Really Do Exist!

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Are ghosts real? Do spirits exist? These are questions millions of people ask themselves each day, as we search for proof of what happens after we die.


Yes, Here’s 6 spooky pics from the pages of Chat it’s fate to enjoy! Beware! Don’t view alon...

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Top 4 Spooky Car Parks To Avoid This Halloween!

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we don’t just mean those deserted car parks that are a little bit freaky late at night. Or car parks infested by people with a weird clown fetish. Nope.


We were thinking about the spooky car parks and the haunted car parks, where parking come...

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