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Famous Hindu Temples In Kerala-You Don’t Must Visit It

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Kerala is a unique destination for people seeking great spirituality in India. Taking a spiritual tour to South India will offer you some feeling of divinity, medium to


explore amazing religious places, enriched tradition,great architecture of ...

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5 Mysterious Temples in India-You Should Definitely Visit

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Apart from these legendary temples that boast of the strong religious faith of India, we also have temples like those that worships deities as weird as bikes!


Let’s take a look at some of the most mysterious temples in India.

A Submerged Shiva ...

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Best Places to Visit near Kolhapur

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Kolhapur is a small town situated in the Southwestern state of Maharashtra. Kolhapur has developed itself into a popular tourist destination in the recent years.


Kolhapur tourist places

Kolhapur is also an important spiritual center as it hous...

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Sun temple in Modhera – Gujarat

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Sun Temple at Modhera is one of the few shrines that are dedicated to the Sun God. This temple is designed as first ray of the sun fell on the image of sun.


Sun Temple

The temple is situated on the banks of Pushpavati River in Modhera, Sun Tem...

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Sri kandaswamy temple in Brickfields – Malaysia

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It is one of the most prominent Sri Lankan Tamil temples in Malaysia. It is huge, displays rich Sri Lankan Tamil architecture, and has become a popular tourist attraction in Kuala Lumpur.


Sri Kandaswamy Temple

Sri Kandaswamy Temple is a Saivit...

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