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Best Places to Visit in Nainital – Uttarakhand

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Nainital is a popular hill station in the state of Uttrakhand. The town is located alongside the foothills of the Kumauni region of the outer Himalayas.


Nainital tourist attraction

The town is famous for its various natural attractions and due...

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Ramaswamy Temple, Kumbakonam

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Ramaswamy Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Rama, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu located in Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu, India.



The temple has beautiful architecture pieces and has been built by the Nayakkar kings during the 16th ce...

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Sri Raja Kaliamman Glass Temple – Malaysia

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Sri Rajakaliamman glass temple is located in the city of Johor Bahru, close to Malaysia’s southern border with Singapore, one of the world’s most amazing pieces of architecture.


Sri Rajakaliamman glass temple

This temple is covered almost ...

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Ten Temples For Unmarried To Get Married Soon

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In the state of Temples called TamilNadu, there are eleven pilgrim spots which are very famous and must visit temples for unmarried girls and bachelor boys.


It is believed that whatever hurdles and impediments that occur during the marriage wil...

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Pathiyanadu Sree Bhadrakali Amman Temple

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The Pathiyanadu Sree Bhadrakali Temple is a highly famous revered shrine in Kerala, India. The shrine is in Mullassery. It is 1.5 kilometers from Karakulam.


Pathiyanadu Sree Bhadrakali Temple

The temple is managed by Pathiyanadu sree Bhadrakal...

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